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About Us

The DMRBIA was created in late 2006, and officially launched in the Spring of 2007. With a dedicated and active volunteer board, the BIA and its staff works with the members to develop and manage programs designed to improve the business environment in the area.

The BIA exists to encourage and promote business in the downtown area through various cooperative projects including festivals, events, safety, security, banners, street design and furniture, garbage recepticles, cleanup, graffiti prevention, street and walkway lighting, holiday decorations and other operations which aim to improve the BIA community in general.

The BIA is as stong as its members, and as effective as the level of participation of the membership. Board members provide time and effort with countless volunteer hours for the benefits of the members; we hope and encourage all members to participate in DMRBIA events, projects and ongoing programs designed to improve your businesses and properties.

About BIAs

A Business Improvement Association (BIA) is a non-profit organization that represents all businesses and property owners within a specific area. Government legislation permits and guides the steps necessary for a neighborhood to become a BIA. Locally, its creation, operation, business plan and budget must be approved at the municipal level.

BIAs engage, on behalf of all businesses and property owners within the specific area, in matters such as promotion, festivals, crime prevention, security, cleanliness, transportation, parking and advocacy. BIAs succeeded where voluntary business organizations often fail because the financial contribution of all properties and businesses is obligatory.

BIAs in British Columbia

The BIA movement in B.C. began in Gastown in the 1970's when the property owners, businesses and developers working hard to revitalize the area joined together in the effort. The result of the effort was what we now see as Gastown, a tourist and family-friendly vibrant community. It was not until 1988 when the provincial government finally passed the appropriate legislation to approve Business Improvement Associations. Since that time, over 50 BIA's have started in BC. Provincially, the BIAs are represented by the Business Improvements Areas of British Columbia (BIABC).

BIAs are not unique to British Columbia. While predominately in North America, some have begun in Europe and elsewhere. The concept is simple, and supported by goverment; unite stakeholders within an area and provide support and authority to improve the community. It is quite effective when dedicated members and stakeholders of the area work together for the common goal of business improvement.

Our Vision

To be a prosperous destination that is clean, safe and vibrant, where a diverse community of businesses and residents live, work and play.

Our Mission

To provide our members and community stakeholders the means and resources to create a prosperous destination, that is clean, safe and vibrant, where a diverse community of businesses and residents live, work and play.

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