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Win Your Wish Contest Rules

Downtown Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association - Contest Rules for the 2023 Win Your Wish promotion.

  1. The total amount of * all prizes to be won under the Contest is $17,000 ($14,000 + $3000 cash; approx total value of $17,000). * Complete sum when adding value of all prizes together.
  2. The gift certificate will be equal to the value of the drawn wish package, up to a maximum of $2,000 (travel and jewellery pkg).
  3. The gift certificate will be to the business which the chosen wish package is from.
  4. Winner from the 1st valid receipt drawn will have their choice of 1 of the 8 prize packages. 2nd receipt winner, choice of the remaining 7 prize packages, 3rd receipt winner, choice of the remaining 6 prize packages and so forth.
  5. Receipts will be drawn until all packages are won.
  6. Winners will have 5 business days to claim their prize. If not claimed at the end of the full 5 business days, another receipt (winner) will be drawn.
  7. 10 “second chance” draws for $100 ea. in 4 x $25 certificates to be used at any of almost 90 participating downtown businesses! LINK to participating businesses. 
  8. The receipt must be submitted to an official Win Your Wish ballot box (approved and verified drop boxes as listed on the BIA website), submitted online, or submitted to the DMRBIA office (#34 - 22374 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge, B.C.) by January 1, 2024. Retailer specific ballot entry forms must be submitted to that retailer at time of purchase.
  9. Each receipt or official entry form submitted must be:
    * from a business located in the Downtown Maple Ridge area,
    * an itemized / till-taped receipt. Debit/Credit card type receipts are not valid,
    * issued between November 24, 2023 and midnight December 31, 2023,
    * the original or a copy made at the DMRBIA office,
    * inscribed legibly with a contact name and primary telephone number.
    * NO minimum purchase required,
    * not be for a returned item.
  10. Alcohol and gaming/lottery purchases are excluded from the Contest.
  11. In the event an online application/submission is chosen, the winner must provide the original receipt to the Executive Director of the DMRBIA within 3 days of being requested to do so and prior to receiving the prize package. If original receipt not provided, another winner will be drawn.
  12. The gift certificate is not redeemable for cash, is redeemable only at the business shown on the gift certificate and must be fully redeemed by December 31, 2024. The winner is responsible for contacting the business to determine any special redemption specifics, such as the requirement to redeem at one time.
  13. One winning entry / household.
  14. A contestant must be 19 years or older to participate.
  15. DMRBIA employees are ineligible to enter the Contest.
  16. Unlimited entries allowed, but only one entry for each receipt. Duplicate or repeated online entries of the same receipt will disqualify all entries by that submitter, and they will no longer be eligible to win a prize package. If a duplicate submission is made online in error the submitter must contact the DMRBIA office within 24 hours to correct.


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